Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kit Sales Back!

Those 12 board designs on the web site are now available as cardboard core kits again, cut by yours truly, on my enduring little self-built laser cutter.

Yes, you can still download the patterns and cut your own core kit. But if you still can't get to a local laser cutter, I'll cut and ship anywhere, pretty much.

I can't make good money at this with my current setup, but this is good for petty cash to keep me working three day per week in a VW bus mobile office setup. If you all will buy a kit or so a week, that's gas, breakfast and coffee to keep me truckin on.


neandertodd said...

Maybe Im missing something but, how do u down load the schematics or buy kits?

neandertodd said...

Sorry, duh. I figured it out. Im stoked. I live in Alaska and good boards aren't easy to come by. Now, I can make my own. When I get going I'll do a posting.

Unknown said...

Is it still possible to buy kit ??

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have to take a break from cutting core kits myself. In the meantime, try to find a local makerspace or fab lab that can help you make your own core kit from the files available on my website.

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