Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY Laser-Cut Core Kit Tips

I finally added some essential info on laser-cutting your own cardboard-core surfboard kit to the build guide. http://sheldrake.net/surfboards/make.html

The image here is the business end of my self-built laser, where the beam emerges from brass garden hose repair parts. The new laser production guide will help you find a much nicer laser cutter near you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tolley's Build Videos

A couple NAWP build vids from a couple years ago that I just found. I've emailed with Mike Tolley, and even met him at the San Diego Maker Faire, but I didn't know he made these videos. Good time lapse overview of the whole build process.

I'll note that those assembled cores look a bit more flexible than the ones I've made. Could be too-thin cardboard. But that's not a deal killer - if you support it before glassing so that the rocker looks about right, that first layer of glass stiffens it up considerably, and the glass on the other side locks in the shape.

That's the nature of sandwich construction - the longitudinal stiffness is in the tension of the fiberglass skin while the core mainly needs to be strong in top-to-bottom compression.