Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maker Faire SD

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Victor - a Geek in Residence at Fab Lab San Diego - cut his own 8 Fun core kit on the fab lab's laser and then glassed it at Shaper Studios. He displayed his board at the San Diego Maker Faire this last weekend, and invited me to go down and share some of my boards in the same booth. Thanks Victor!

When I started this cardboard surfboard project about nine years ago, I had no idea where to go to find local laser cutters. Since then, the Maker Movement, the proliferation of hackerspaces and fab labs, and the dropping price of laser cutters has made possible local core kit production worldwide. People have lasers and know how to use them. Or, better, people know where to find lasers, and friendly geeks to teach them how to use them.

Fab Lab San Diego had a bunch of rad member projects on display: self-built skateboard decks with materials and curves I've never seen before, a bubble-farting flying llama drone named Dolly, 3D printed prosthetic hands, and an internet-connected, phone-controlled coffee maker. There was also a DIY Biology display - the San Diego fab lab includes a wet lab, and some members are developing a pilot biology course - open to anyone - to be reproduced at other fab labs around the world.

And that was just what was happening within a few meters of us. The entire Maker Faire was like that times a thousand.

Thanks to Victor for inviting me, and for pitching everyone on the prospect of building cardboard surfboards. Thanks to Joy from SD Fab Lab, who seemed to be the head cat herder for the Fab Lab booths (but herding some pretty cool cats). Thanks to Katie Rast, who hustled to the keep the fab lab vision alive in San Diego through the last several years. Thanks to Dale Dougherty for spearheading the spread of Maker Faires worldwide.


Joy Decena said...

Thanks for coming out Mike! Your surfboards are truly beautiful and amazing.

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