Saturday, October 31, 2015

Builds Out There Happening!

Had some build reports in email recently, and that really makes me wonder how many of these boards are getting built out there that I don't know about.

Did a quick Instagram search and found a few beauties.

Whoa, studio photo shoot, backlit, in Delaware, I think:

Dry Simmler core - this might be in Switzerland? Look how clean and not dark the edges are. Was this cut on a laser, or with a drag knife + pen plotter setup? Still under construction as of 5 weeks ago, awaiting carbon fiber rails.
A photo posted by Claude Denier (@cla2ude) on

Core beauty in Australia:

And then there's Westkust in the Netherlands building some boards and a little kit biz based on my public designs (they're developing their own custom 3D printed fin service too):

Heartening. Thanks everyone for digging it.

Meanwhile, I'm slogging away at reworking my board design and rendering system with the goal of making it publicly available. Two goals there:

1.) Make the core patterns and downloadable cut files customizable for different materials and different CNC machines. This will make it pretty easy to adapt what I do to wood and other materials, and cut with routers, lasers, waterjets, whatever. The idea is that, instead of just downloading my stock files for lasers, you would first enter a bit of info about your materials and cutting machine, and then the system would make a few modifications on the fly and provide a download link to files made just for your setup.

2.) Make my board design system public, so you're not limited to just the boards I've designed. My approach to board modelling is different than in other software. It fits my intuition. And I think a few other people might prefer it. But I would also like to work out a way to import shapes from other software, so they can be sliced up into core assemblies by mine.


I could use some dedicated office and/or workshop space. So I'm interested in some good part time work that will let me move to a better place, with better space, to develop this and other projects, and build some more boards. (SUP is next.)

Consider me, recommend me, or spread the word. Here's my LinkedIn for some of my background and skills. It's Web dev heavy. But consider me for other stuff too. Thanks.


Michael Mann said...

How is your SUP working out, ref a couple of posts down
I would like to try one

Anonymous said...

Had to disassemble it to get space back.

Brooke Seipel said...

Hi. I'm interested in your work and I'm a reporter at the Orange County Register. Thought it would be cool to feature what you do. And the story would also likely help you find some dedicated space too from readers who are interested.

If you'd be willing to talk to me about writing a story please contact me at

Nathan! said...

Any more progress on the SUP? I am a avid laser user and could tinker your design, but know very little about boards so I'm not sure what should be modified...

Anonymous said...

SUP is not happening until I get enough space to work.

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