Monday, August 3, 2015

Euro Core Kits

Maker/business duo "Frenk en Plan" is jazzed about producing cardboard surfboard core kits and custom 3D printed fins in the Netherlands.

At the moment, they're probably your best bet in Europe if you just want to order a core kit, instead of laser cutting one for yourself with my free cut files.

The project is just now launching under the name Westkust, which I think is Dutch for bitchin. Check it out here:

I hope they do well.


Thomas Rudd said...

I really like the design and idea behind the cardboard core surfboard but don't have access to a laser printer. I downloaded your plans for the 6'4" fish, converted them to pdf, and am planning on cutting the pieces by hand.

Do you have any advice or input for trying this route?

Mike Sheldrake said...

My advice is to not do it by hand. It's way too much precision cutting work. My attitude is that if you're willing to put that much effort into the project, it's much much better to spend that effort trying to find a laser cutter to work with. Not only will that save you from days or weeks of tedious work and give better results than cutting by hand, it will also establish a connection to a resource that will open up many other project opportunities.

(IF you print out PDFs, make sure the print settings print at 100% scale. Often the default is "scale to fit page", and the error from that can be visually subtle, but practically project-ruining. Also, read the README that comes with the cut files to understand how the cut patterns are a tiny bit different than the actual intended part shapes.)

Another plug for my public laser cutters map:

Some of those places might work with you remotely, or it might be worth planning a trip to visit one.

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