Tuesday, May 5, 2015


That's no moon.

It's 0.13mm kerf in 0.23mm thick cardstock with a 40W laser at 32% power at 3500mm/min under 40X magnification.

That's 1/14 of a 6' thruster core done in cardstock. This took around 2 hours to cut and assemble.

Assembly was a double X chromosome canine because the notches were too tight, because I had guessed wrong about the kerf. But now it's measured, so maybe the next 1/14 section will go together faster.


even easier to find than cardboard

easy to waterproof - soaks up epoxy

laser cuts faster, at lower power

practical to transport unassembled parts (I think a 6' thruster's parts would fit within a ream of paper.)

Strong enough? Light enough? Will it surf? Will it really take 30+ hours to assemble?