Friday, April 24, 2015

First SUP Core Assembled

Don't have space for this, but did it anyway.

Here's a time lapse of my first cardboard SUP core build.

This is a 12 foot board, inspired by the Hobie ATR model that was out a few years ago.

The core pattern is significantly less dense than what I use for surfboards - larger star pattern, larger gaps to span, but less weight, and hopefully, a better view through the board. Not sure if it will be dense enough to provide reasonable strength and durability. I half expect this board to fail early, and I'll be half glad if it does. It would be good to approach what's optimal from both sides.

With the attitude that failure is an option, maybe some of you want to try to build this SUP before we even know if it will hold weight. I'm fairly confident I'll get at least a few sessions out of it, and that's worth it to me. (My very first board had this same core density, and it seemed to hold up fine, even though it was leaking. But I only rode that one once before retiring it in favor of my 2nd board.)

If you're up for the risk, the cut patterns for laser cutters are here: SUP12_v-1

You might finish the build before me. Let me know how it goes.

Maybe you'd rather have me be the one to waste that time and effort on the more-likely-to-fail end of the R&D arc. Hey, me too! That's part of the idea behind the previous blog post. It would be cool to see how this work progresses with adequate resources, and SUP developement seems a good theme to gather those resources around.


Michael Mann said...

how did the SUP work out
I am interested in making one

Mike Sheldrake said...

Had to disassemble it to get space back.

TobyW said...

I am curious to know if you ever designed a higher core density sup. I am really interested in building a sup with your core design.

Mike Sheldrake said...

Not yet.

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