Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twin NAWPs in RI

I just got this photo of Mike and Dan on a beach in Rhode Island, ready to ride matching NAWPs they built, starting with just the cut files from my website.

They used a laser cutter at their school, and ordered cardboard online - though not quite enough. They had to scavenge a few used boxes to cut the last few pieces for their kits.

Ideally everyone would cut their own kits locally, like Mike and Dan, and source cardboard locally. The cut files are free to download to encourage that.


Mr.Paynter said...

So very cool, I have just discovered your site with some friends and we are going to *try* and get some boards going.

I work in design, more specifically in designing retail display structures out of cardboard, so I have cardboard on hand, which helps a lot, as well as large cardboard cutting/prototyping machines.

I will try keep you posted on our progress.

Thanks for all the guidance and dies, from Durban, South Africa.

Mike Sheldrake said...

Funny you call them dies. I'm picturing board parts blasting out of rotary dies by the hundreds - whole board kits produced in seconds instead of hours. Pop-out fantasy.

Unknown said...

guaranteed it leaked and fell apart

Mike Sheldrake said...

Guaranteed by Unknown

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