Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twin NAWPs in RI

I just got this photo of Mike and Dan on a beach in Rhode Island, ready to ride matching NAWPs they built, starting with just the cut files from my website.

They used a laser cutter at their school, and ordered cardboard online - though not quite enough. They had to scavenge a few used boxes to cut the last few pieces for their kits.

Ideally everyone would cut their own kits locally, like Mike and Dan, and source cardboard locally. The cut files are free to download to encourage that.

Jody Roth 3D Prints Surfboard

Excellent! Someone 3D printed a full-sized surfboard core and glassed it. And posted it on Thingiverse.

 Jody Roth spent a year working through the difficulties of printing such a large object, and even built a larger 12"x12" 3D printer to pull this off. He wrote up his surfboard printing journey on his website, and included plenty of assembly details and lessons learned. There's more than enough info there for the rest of us to reproduce and build on his work.

I had begun an attempt to print a surfboard, and I know of at least one other person who was working on it. But it's such a huge thing to print, and plenty can go wrong. My attempt stalled, and I'm guessing there a lot of other partially printed attempts out there. Congratulations to Jody, who is probably the first person to complete this project.

Someone should offer Jody funding to build a 3D printer optimized for printing surfboards. Sounds like he's already given some thought to that, mentioning a 3' tall by 2' wide printer. The length dimension could be maybe 6", so the bed would be the same area as the one he's already used successfully.