Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fish 64 Build

Recent Fish 64 build.
3 a.m. and I want to get these photos done, so no suburban paradise yard shots this time.

Don't think that left fin is really that crooked - but maybe it is. No - just checked again - both fins are pretty much straight down and straight ahead - and meatier than anything you'll find at a surfboard supermarket.

Cosmetic flaw, in unflattering light, and then the same section backlit. There's a point when the epoxy is fluid enough to saturate the cloth, but not enough to fully saturate each fiber of the cloth. There's plenty of warning beforehand - you notice that it's getting thicker and taking longer to sink in. Don't push it - just dump it and start a new batch. Otherwise you'll get one of these embarrassing white stripes. Seems to be structurally sound - it's just not the look were going for. It's on the deck. Conceal with wax.

First vent install I've done. Looks okay on the deck. To hold the vent plug flush with the deck as I glassed it in, I supported it on the bottom with a little paper and tape tube, which will peek out the bottom like this forever.

Hard sharp rails on the tail, for the first time. Learned how to do that from Make Magazine #19. More old plywood fins - NACA0008 foils carved with the router. Figure it's 50 year old redwood alternating with some other pale pine.



ABĂ“RIGIKNEES - Prancha de Surf said...

Very nice work. Congratulation!

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