Thursday, December 8, 2011

surfcorr Album Release

Cardboard surfboard core patterns, turned into music.

Music as a way to distribute surfboard core patterns.

Music of an unexpected character - mostly automatically
generated - surprisingly musical for being just a bunch of
cut patterns. Surprisingly dark - not a day at the beach.
Would have made it kitchy upbeat Dick Dale immitation,
if I actually knew how to make music. But the parts
had something else to express. Whatever parts! As long
as the CAD files can ride along.

In addition to other models that have been available before,
three new cut patterns appear on this album:

Simmler - me-too mini Simmons

Hot Curl - Vee from the 40's

Nuuhiwi Noserider - You know what I mean - but one of the secrets to noseriding is revealed in the name as I've spelled it.

I actually like the music, though. The link: