Sunday, September 26, 2010


Paul Jensen once posted the idea of using self-adhesive cork sheets as an alternative to wax. I've since seen thruster traction pads made from cork, so there's now a buy-peel-stick solution out there. But what I had in mind was to apply the cork just along the lines of my core pattern, so light will still shine through the cells.

You can get rolls of this adhesive-backed cork at a Rockler woodworking store. Each roll is 12" by 24". This 9'2" board took a bit more than one roll.

1st gen. board, bit lumpy and
more opaque than others
It goes pretty easy at first, because you're using long strips.

As you fill in the pattern, you find you have to cut shorter and shorter pieces to complete all the lines. I probably spent four hours on this project.

Update: It works fine for traction. A few pieces started coming off after a couple days of use. It would be easy to replace little sections as they come off. Should have added some pieces where you grip the rail. But overall, it works, and could be refined to work better.
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